Tudor Andrei and Nikita Löw Kristensen split
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Tudor Andrei and Nikita Löw Kristensen split

Posted on Δευτέρα, 11 Φεβ 2019, 17:45 by admin
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Tudor Andrei and Nikita Löw Kristensen, top 10-Dance couple from Denmark, 10 times Danish Champions and several times finalist and semifinalist in WDSF international competitions unfortunately had to make a decision to end their partnership after almost 5 successful years together. See more results.

The reason for split is their hight difference, which throughout the years had become a problem that would result in more injuries.

This was an amicable decision and they remain on good terms, with collaboration and with full support from their trainers and coaches: Tania Kehlet & Emanuel Valeri and Martino Zanibellato & Michele Abiltrup

Both are searching for new partners. Nikita as Youth and Tudor as Adult