Jesper Birkehoj & Anna Anastasiya Kravchenko retire from competitions
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Jesper Birkehoj & Anna Anastasiya Kravchenko retire from competitions

Posted on Τρίτη, 28 Αυγ 2012, 11:09 by admin
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The German and WDC European Professional South American Showdance champions Jesper Birkehoj & Anna Anastasiya Kravchenko decided to retire from competitive dancing. They were medalists of the German Professional Latin and represented their country at the WDC European Professional Latin where they ended up in the semi final. During their Amateur career they were German Amateur Latin champions, semifinalists of the IDSF World Latin and IDSF European Latin. See more results and photos.

Jesper and Anna sent us the following announcement:

We are writing this letter to announce our retirement from our competitive dance sport career.

After more than twelve fortunate years of amateur and professional dancing together, we have decided to retire from our competitive dance career in order to initiate new opportunities while remaining faithful to our passion for dancing. We are delighted and proud of what we have accomplished.

From the very beginning we were confident that we have found the perfect partner in each other. The feeling of being in the right place at the right time accompanied us throughout the years. Together, we have approached many challenges, of which we have learned a lot. These experiences have given us the opportunity to grow and welded us strongly together, both in our dancing and as human beings. For this reason, we will continue our loyalty to the dance world and each other by staying available for shows, as coaches, and judges for upcoming events. We are looking forward to the challenges ahead.

We would sincerely like to thank the German Dance Federations DPV, DTV and TBW, our club TSC Astoria Karlsruhe as well as the city Karlsruhe. Thank you to our sponsors and teachers for the amazing support throughout the years, and for accompanying us on our chosen path. You enabled us to succeed.

We have encountered great personalities through dance sport which have truly enriched our lives. We will take your spirit with us as we move toward future endeavors.

Most of all we thank our families for supporting us in every moment. Oliver Wessel- Therhorn always belonged to our family and we are deeply honored that we were able to experience and share our first dance steps with him. We were together from the very beginning. The ability to share our most successful achievement, winning the European Championship in Latin Showdance WDC Professionals and the most beautiful moments in our career, with him was very meaningful. The dancing knowledge and all the advice he gave us along the way is worth more to us than any trophy we have ever won.

In eternal love for and in memory of our mentor, "dance father" and friend.

Sincerely yours,

Jesper & Anna

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