Evgeny Orlov and Evgeniya Poskrebysheva split
Εάν δεν θέλεις να βλέπεις αυτή τη διαφήμιση Γίνε Μέλος

Evgeny Orlov and Evgeniya Poskrebysheva split

Posted on Δευτέρα, 21 Νοε 2016, 21:42 by admin
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After six months of dancing together Evgeniya Poskrebysheva and Evgeny Orlov were forced to finish their dancing career due to personal reasons. They represented Russia and were finalists in German Open Championship, World Series Professional Latin and Festivaldanza Italy where they were third. In Blackpool Dance Festival, in Professional Latin they reach top 50. See their results and photos.

Both would like to thank each other for the partnership, as well as express their gratitude to their coaches: Sergey Ryupin, Melia and Sergey Surkov.

Evgeniya is now looking for a new partner and looking forward to come back on the dance floor as soon as possible.

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