Vladislav Kozhevnikov and Elizaveta Ivleva split
Εάν δεν θέλεις να βλέπεις αυτή τη διαφήμιση Γίνε Μέλος

Vladislav Kozhevnikov and Elizaveta Ivleva split

Posted on Παρασκευή, 21 Ιουλ 2017, 11:53 by admin
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After two years of dancing together Vladislav Kozhevnikov and Elizaveta Ivleva decided to stop their dancing partnership. They represented Russia in WDC Junior and Youth category.

They were semifinalists of Dutch Open 2017 Under 19 Latin, finalists of Under 21 Ballroom, semifinalists in WDC European Championship 2016 and 2017, medalists of WDC World 10 dance championship. See more results.

Vlad and Elizaveta represented dance club S.S.S.R. They are thankful for the partnership and for their all the support from their parents, image maker and teachers: Dmitry and Alena Syzrantsev, Anton Besedin, Ekaterina Strelkova, Julia Syzrantseva.

Unfortunately Elizaveta decided stop to dancing career. Vlad is looking for a new partner

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