Alex Wei Wang and Roxie Jin Chen retire from competitions
Εάν δεν θέλεις να βλέπεις αυτή τη διαφήμιση Γίνε Μέλος

Alex Wei Wang and Roxie Jin Chen retire from competitions

Posted on Τρίτη, 29 Μαϊ 2018, 22:29 by admin
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After 15 years of dancing together, the multiple times Chinese Professional Latin champions and Asian Professional Latin champions Alex Wei Wang and Roxie Jin Chen decided to retire from competitive dancing. It was a third announcement about retirement that Saturday night in Blackpool and it happened right after we have seen them compete in the Team Match. Alex and Roxie were regularly competiting all around the world, including Blackpool, UK Open and the International Championships in England. They won the Asian Games and were the nominated representants of China to dance in WDC World Professional Latin championships since 2012. See more results and photos.

Alex and Roxie would like to thank everybody who loved them and supported them through the years. They run a successful dance school in Beijing in China and are looking forward to help their pupils to achieve the international success and become great dancers in the future.