Adverts for sponsors
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Advertising for companies sponsoring couples

Base package

The base package is the main part of the sponsorship contract. The base package is constructed in a way which can give our partners maximum exposure while providing them with maximum value for their money. The sponsorship contract will be signed for a minimum duration of 1 year.

You can check latest prices at SponsorAdvertising page.

The base package includes the following:

  • A dedicated page for the Sponsor
  • A list of sponsored couples (linked to each couple's profile page)
  • A link to the Sponsor's own homepage and shop (if any)
  • The Sponsor's logo is always visible on the sponsor's list on the Home page
  • Optionally, and free of extra charge, an immediate list of the greatest and most recent successes that the sponsored couples achieved. The list is generated automatically based on our database and is always up-to-date.
  • Optionally, and also free of extra charge, a list of the sponsored couples' recent results. This list is also generated automatically based on our database and once again is always up-to-date.
  • Includes a fixed-fee banner advertisement for a year (of £900 value by itself), free of charge. We display the Sponsor's banner as many times as it is randomly drawn from our banner pool on every page that has a non-exclusive banner place. Includes a special webpage where the sponsor can check how many times their banner was displayed each day
  • In addition to the standard banner, Sponsor can add an option of "swappable banners". In such case Sponsor can have any number of banners of all available shapes and we will select one of them to display. We will change displayed banner every two hours, so that visitors can see different adverts at different moments.
  • According to the Sponsor's request, it is possible to limit the display to only certain parts of the site, e.g. to one language version.
  • Three sponsored couples. See below for the detailed explanation.

Volume discounts will also apply

Discounts, if the contract is signed for longer than 1 year

DancesportInfo continuously updates and develops its services, and we plan several years ahead with our services. We guarantee that whenever any new portions of sponsorship-ready services are introduced on our site that are incorporated in our sponsorship base package offering, all the existing sponsorship contracts will receive those services free of charge.

Sponsored couples

Sponsorship is all about helping well-performing couples. As such, sponsors would like to affiliate themselves with their couples - and be seen whenever and wherever the couple is visible. We understand this, and therefore the service contains exposure closely related to the couples' results. Sponsoring has much less commercial sense if the general public does not know about it. Using our scheme, you will be able to inform virtually every dancer in the world about who you sponsor. You tell us which couples you sponsor and for each sponsored couple you get:

  • An indication of the Sponsor on the couple's profile page (with the phrase and/or graphic requested by the sponsor) (The couple profile pages traffic make up 5-10% of all DancesportInfo's traffic)
  • An indication of the Sponsor on the results pages, as shown below, with a small icon or text phrase at each of the couple's result displays. (The result pages make up 10-15% of all DancesportInfo's traffic)
Sponsor result list

  • Similarly to the result pages, the sponsorship message or icon will be displayed on the rating top couples page, next to the couple's name
  • Similar message or icon will be displayed on the event comparison page, next to the couple's name
  • An indication of the Sponsor on the gallery pages, with a small icon or text phrase by each of the couple's thumbnail pictures, as shown below. If you do not like particular photo you can exclude it from this feature. (The gallery pages make up around 20% of all DancesportInfo's traffic). Please note that due to the fact that our site is continuously improved, the real look may differ from presented.


  • An indication of the Sponsor by the couple's full-size photos, with a small icon or text phrase, as shown below (The photos make up 10-15% of all DancesportInfo's traffic).


  • Additionally you will get a Sponsor page, where your logo is displayed, your company described in your own words, and where all your sponsored couples are listed. This page also links directly to your own website.
  • You can check prices and experiment with different options at calculation page

Optional additions

Some of the services we can offer thanks to our database are not needed by everyone - and for this reason, they are not included in the base package, but are offered as additions to the sponsorship package. You can upgrade your base package with any and all of these.

  • Branding the sponsored couples' pictures in the gallery with the following options:
  • Banner advertisements placed near the sponsored couples' photos.
  • Replacing the DancesportInfo copyright message on the large photos with the Sponsor's own selected message - while preserving copy protection (e.g. the downloaded picture is not usable for further publication)
  • Removing the DancesportInfo copyright message on the large photos and placing a downloadable and printable "Sponsor poster" instead (e.g. instead of producing printed posters, the picture can be custom tailored by placing company logo, couple's digitized signature etc. on it so visitors can print them out or use them as a wallpaper on their computers)

A sponsored dress shop

It is possible to sell the Sponsor's displayed dresses on the site. If the sponsored dress that is on any picture on our site is for sale, both the gallery thumbnails and the large pictures would have a "Buy this dress now" link next to them, and the dress can be bought from the sponsor on DancesportInfo.

This virtual shop requires maintenance:

Which photo contains which dress

Maintenance of the dresses' properties (size, material, price, etc.)

Maintenance on whether the dress is for sale or if it has already been sold

This maintenance can be done by the Sponsor on their customized, web-based maintenance page, or can be done by DancesportInfo.

Sponsored competitions

  • If the Sponsor is also a main sponsor of a competition, upon request from the Sponsor, the organizer (or the Sponsor) can publish their competition in our future competitions list, where only a select number of competitions are published.
  • The sponsored competition can have all its details published on one special page that will automatically have the sponsor's banner displayed. The special page will be visible until the competition's date.
  • Sponsored competitions receive a 50% discount from the normal publication rate in the future event list. Please contact us directly
  • Sponsored competitions receive a 50% discount from the normal advertisement rates if advertised on the site via a banner advertisement