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Whatever type of dance related product you are providing/selling we believe we can help you to promote it. Check why to advertise on the Internet?

  1. We offer all sorts of advert types from link exchange to graphical banners and deep links.
    See advertising techniques and prices.
  2. We can design and build a whole new on-line shop for you. We provide a shopping basket and fully secure payment facility. How does it work? It is simple. We will capture customer name, address, payment and shipping details (secure protocol) and then make them available them to you. You will be responsible for collecting money and dispatching goods to customers. Please contact us to discuss the details.

Another example is the Dancesport UK, the new look website. They are a big on-line shop so they needed a effective search facility over several criteria such as: product type (e.g. shoes, dancewear), style (e.g. latin, jazz) etc. The design, the website and such features as Shopping Basket, on-line ordering and secure on-line payment are all provided by us. The shop owner is able to maintain the stock through the maintenance application.

Dancesport UK

Please contact us directly to discuss other options.